Learn More About Oonagh Connolly

Oonagh grew up in Ireland and fell in love with teaching from a very young age. Both her parents were teachers and in her early teens, she began teaching Irish Dancing and Swimming. After receiving her degree in Psychology and Philosophy from University College Dublin, she then went on to study Montessori Teaching through the London Montessori Center. Being fascinated also by health and fitness, she spent many years teaching all age groups in this field, finally realizing that the Montessori Method and Yoga complemented each other very well. They are both concerned with unity, balance, nature and peace.
Upon arriving in America in 1996, Oonagh accepted a teaching position at the highly respected Shrewsbury Montessori School in Western Massachusetts. After spending some years there, she went on to start a successful K1 program for a large Catholic school in Boston. As soon as her daughter Sarah was born in 2005, she then chose to stay home and care for her, homeschooling her, together with a few other neighborhood children. Once Sarah started elementary school, opening her own Montessori school was finally possible. This then enabled Oonagh to devote her time to other children in her community and spread the joy of learning through Montessori.